Annual Report 2022

DWIH San Francisco was opened in 2022 and is bringing new ideas to the innovation hotspot of California.

Zahar Barth-Manzoori © DWIH San Francisco

“There’s still a lot we can learn from Silicon Valley”

The newly founded DWIH San Francisco launched its activities in the spring of 2022. Director Dr. Zahar Barth-Manzoori on a very successful first few months in the Bay Area and the Center’s main thematic priorities.


Podiumsdiskussion © DWIH San Francisco

In focus: The work of DWIH San Francisco in 2022

In its first months since being established, the new DWIH in San Francisco has taken key steps towards becoming a sought-after player on the U.S. West Coast, making a name for itself as a mediator between U.S. and German innovation drivers.


Falling Walls Lab © Barak Shrama
Spotlight DWIH San Francisco

Ideas for the future

One of the most important tasks of the DWIH is to promote the transfer of research to application. At the end of September 2022, young researchers had the opportunity to present their ideas and network with partners at the Falling Walls Lab San Francisco.


Living Roof © California Academy of Sciences/Gayle Laird

Five facts relating to the DWIH focus topic “Sustainable Innovations”

Artificial intelligence to combat forest fires, drinking water from the dishwasher and jeans as thermal insulation: the Bay Area around San Francisco lives up to its image as an innovation hotspot when it comes to climate action, too.


Video portrait

The DWIH San Francisco team

The people at the German Center for Research and Innovation in San Francisco introduce themselves and their work.


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