Research Careers in Germany

Various opportunities are on offer for PhD students, postdocs and senior researchers in Germany: A career within university research, at a non-university research institute or in research and development at a German company.

Eine Wissenschaftlerin arbeitet in einem Labor mit Proben. © DAAD/Volker Lannert

Information for PhD Students

Roughly 30,000 graduate students complete a doctorate in Germany every year – far more than in any other European country.

Ein Mann skizziert mit Kreide etwas an einer Tafel. © DAAD/Volker Lannert

Information for Postdocs

Germany offers international junior researchers a wide range of opportunities to continue their research – in universities, in non-university research institutions and in industry.

Ein Wissenschaftler arbeitet an einem Versuchsaufbau im Labor. © DAAD/Volker Lannert

Information for Senior Researchers

Senior researchers can find excellent working conditions in science, teaching and research – for example through a research stay or a visiting professorship.

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