Four Questions for Mostafa Elgayar

© Mostafa Elgayar

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mostafa Elgayar, a computer scientist living in Berlin, who took part in the inaugural cohort of the CITRIS and the Banatao Institute‘s Health Innovation Intensive. He spent a week in the Bay Area and visited UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UC Merced, and UC Davis to learn all about cutting-edge health, tech and innovation.

Tell us a little bit about yourself, your educational background, and how you became interested your research project/startup idea.

I’m currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Digital Health at the Hasso Plattner Institute in Germany, having previously completed my Bachelor’s in Computer Science at RWTH Aachen. My journey into the world of digital health was sparked by the intersection of technology’s potential and the pressing needs in healthcare. This intersection inspired my research interests in SaaS solutions in clinical healthcare, aiming to enhance patient care and streamline healthcare services to make medical professionals’ processes more efficient.

How has your experience been at the CITRIS Innovation Intensive and here in the San Francisco Bay Area?

The CITRIS Innovation Intensive has been an eye-opening experience, offering a deep dive into technology and healthcare. Being in the San Francisco Bay Area, the heart of tech innovation has provided unparalleled exposure to the latest research projects and inspiring lecturers. This environment has been incredibly stimulating, fostering both learning and networking opportunities.

What was your favorite activity in the entire program? What did you learn?

I believe my favorite activity was visiting Berkeley Skydeck, where we had the chance to network with so many people from Berkeley’s startup and research ecosystem. I gained some very nice and valuable connections that day and was introduced to even more of what UC & CITRIS has to offer.

What do you hope to take from this experience when you return to Germany?

Now that I am back in Germany, I have a renewed sense of inspiration and a broadened perspective on innovation in digital health. I aim to integrate the valuable lessons learned and the international networks established into my work, research efforts and future endeavors. This experience has equipped me with tools and insights that will be instrumental in navigating the challenges of launching a startup one day in the Digital Health Tech industry.