5th German-American Mobility Dialogue

Since 2017, the German-American Mobility Dialogue event series has been a hallmark for transatlantic exchange on mobility and transportation, with a particular emphasis on California and Germany.

The keynote, the panel, and the breakout sessions consisted of mobility experts in the academic, industrial, and public sectors who discussed recent issues and future trends of mobility.  

This event, which took place on Tuesday, August 29, 2022, featured executive keynotes on mobility and resilience in a transatlantic context, a panel discussion with influential mobility stakeholders from the academia, industry, and the public sector, two interactive breakout sessions, and a networking reception with experts in the Silicon Valley and German mobility scene.

Some questions posed to members of the panels included: 

  • How do we combine robustness and efficiency, or are these contradictions? 
  • How do we make our processes and transportation system resilient and sustainable at the same time? 
  • What role may digitalization play here?  

The panelists noted the significance of California’s new law to require all new sales of zero-emission vehicle by 2035 and provided insightful analysis into how sustainability and resilience could play out in the future of transportation. Moreover, they stressed the need to continue investing in EV and battery technologies to lower costs, improve charging station access, and expand hydrogen fuel cells technologies for large fleets of vehicles.